Analysis of the development of PVC pipe industry in China

The quality of engineering construction should be further improved, and the quality of PVC-U pipeline largely depends on the construction level, good products and proper construction skills to ensure the excellent operation of the piping system engineering.

Some engineering skills personnel lack of professional training, in the actual operation method used metal pipe design and construction, there is no standard construction, tough construction situation, did not give full play to the PVC-U pipeline, which has the function of damage, and the formation of the pipeline.

Some users still do not know how the plastic pipeline construction according to regulations, supervision and other knowledge.

Mechanization and Automation of Ceramic Production

China’s sanitary ceramics industry, the overall level of technology and equipment has been greatly improved, narrowing the gap with the world’s advanced enterprises: some enterprises of raw materials, computer automatic ingredients, the use of large tonnage ball mill, to achieve the grinding automation to ensure that the ingredients accuracy, The labor intensity of the workers;

A small number of individual enterprises in the forming process of the use of high-pressure grouting forming technology and equipment, greatly improving the efficiency and product quality, improve the operating environment, saving resources and energy; glaze process commonly used pressure spray glaze, some companies use a robot spray glaze As well as automatic circulation glaze line system, improve the production efficiency and product quality;

The firing process generally uses the energy saving and wide energy saving tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln to realize the kiln microcomputer control, the operation automation, and the individual enterprise has built the kiln finished product automatic storage inspection system.

Sanitary ceramics industry mechanization, automation technology and equipment progress, improve labor productivity, product quality, improve the working environment of workers, reducing the consumption of energy resources.

roof access hatch suppliers in uae

Access panel is mainly used in the wall and ceiling, our products have been supplied to include the UAE, Pakistan and other countries, the main material to aluminum and gypsum board-based, we have just released a new access hatch, is the main gypsum board, Paper edge protection design, with easy shipping, easy to install and so on, if you are interested, you can look at.

Central air conditioning repair port – central air conditioning repair port installation precautions

First, pay attention to selection. The combination of quality materials is key to ensuring the quality of the repair port. ABS material is the best choice in the industry. It replaces the traditional materials such as gypsum and aluminum alloy because it not only has high rigidity but also long Shape, no physical changes, more able to use a very long time, cost-effective.

Second, consider the location of the mouth. Although the practicality of the repair port is strong, but we also pay attention to its aesthetics, so the seal design is very important.

Third, the construction process of communication. Communication mainly related to the decoration side and the air conditioning construction unit, the two must be for the installation of the exchange, so that the mouth and install the seal work can fit together.

Fourth, the repair port decoration environment. Taking into account its future use, in the layout of the space, the user is best not to display large-scale furniture in the location, otherwise it will affect the maintenance.

Aluminum ceiling industry development present situation

In recent years,the development of the aluminum ceiling industry is really good. According to statistics,the numbers of aluminum ceiling production enterprise increased fierce.But in aluminum ceiling industry rapid development at the same time, we also cannot ignore the problems.
1.Copy and imitation, lack of innovation.A major cause of the imitation and plagiarism is designer lack design ability.
2.Science and technology content is not high,too much manual operation,lack of environmental awareness.In fact,aluminum ceiling operation has become a fatal flaw with foreign products (especially gypsum aluminum ceilings).
3.Small business scale, price war constantly.If continue this kind of real industry suicide behavior,it will be bound to greatly weaken in the competitiveness of foreign counterparts,we will share considerable market to others in the end.
4.Lack of brand strategy, low market competitiveness.We should intensify efforts to forge the brand, cultivate brand, packaging brand, promote the brand, maintain the brand, extend the brand,so that the brand marketing gradually formed a mainstream marketing.This is the direction of the efforts of aluminum ceiling business.
The Reporters interviewed the Dongguan City Changping Chamber of Commerce, a person in charge, they asked him to analyze the status of the development of aluminum ceiling industry, he told them the development of Dongguan aluminum ceiling advantages and disadvantages.They , had a strong sense of identity on his analysis.It is really should do a good job of product quality to improve the level of application of technology and the new requirements of services for the development of the industry.