Central air conditioning repair port – central air conditioning repair port installation precautions

First, pay attention to selection. The combination of quality materials is key to ensuring the quality of the repair port. ABS material is the best choice in the industry. It replaces the traditional materials such as gypsum and aluminum alloy because it not only has high rigidity but also long Shape, no physical changes, more able to use a very long time, cost-effective.

Second, consider the location of the mouth. Although the practicality of the repair port is strong, but we also pay attention to its aesthetics, so the seal design is very important.

Third, the construction process of communication. Communication mainly related to the decoration side and the air conditioning construction unit, the two must be for the installation of the exchange, so that the mouth and install the seal work can fit together.

Fourth, the repair port decoration environment. Taking into account its future use, in the layout of the space, the user is best not to display large-scale furniture in the location, otherwise it will affect the maintenance.