Mechanization and Automation of Ceramic Production

China’s sanitary ceramics industry, the overall level of technology and equipment has been greatly improved, narrowing the gap with the world’s advanced enterprises: some enterprises of raw materials, computer automatic ingredients, the use of large tonnage ball mill, to achieve the grinding automation to ensure that the ingredients accuracy, The labor intensity of the workers;

A small number of individual enterprises in the forming process of the use of high-pressure grouting forming technology and equipment, greatly improving the efficiency and product quality, improve the operating environment, saving resources and energy; glaze process commonly used pressure spray glaze, some companies use a robot spray glaze As well as automatic circulation glaze line system, improve the production efficiency and product quality;

The firing process generally uses the energy saving and wide energy saving tunnel kiln and shuttle kiln to realize the kiln microcomputer control, the operation automation, and the individual enterprise has built the kiln finished product automatic storage inspection system.

Sanitary ceramics industry mechanization, automation technology and equipment progress, improve labor productivity, product quality, improve the working environment of workers, reducing the consumption of energy resources.